Uspeh Metalcap SSB Ltd. produces lug caps within the complete range of diameters and kinds between 38mm. and 100mm. including caps with button when required by the customer. Omnia caps are produced with two diameters: 68mm and 82mm.

The sealing compounds allow different thermal treatment of the foods and beverages: pasteurization up to 105°С and sterilization up to 128°С.

The inside lacquers and the sealants provided by the leading European producers are in compliance with the against most aggressive and corrosive foods,  free of forbidden migrations and ESBO, and adhesion of the compound to the cap producing the necessary vacuum.

The outside coatings and inks create an appealing decoration on the caps.

The customers logo patterns are developed in the designer's bureau and printed in the workshop to fully satisfy the growing needs and purchasing requirements of the customers. 

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